Sunday, November 22, 2009

extremely dissa--pionted!

after one by one, one problem that solved, but another problem aren't solve!

BFF starts since 5years back! and it's ruined eversince now. things would be down as fall apart, but hopefully thing's are changed as before.

there's nobody but YOU! :D

**you will love us! :D

Friday, August 7, 2009

never gone :)

what a great life uh ? :)

just now, aku chat with mira and achai, chatting pasal ke rumah lateng, mesti tanya too detail oh. pukul berapa, ekut siapa, and etc. well, aku baca post my bff seyla, wow! i miss too kan hanging out mcam dulu2. gaaad! everybody was busy sudah, basar sudah yo! haha! and not soon we will be meet, but ESOOOOOK ! esok will be the day! YAY!

ohh girl. just forget about the past, i can't help you how to calm it down :/ grr.

okay, gtg! mau siaaaaaap! bye.

eh, just now aku post our previous pictures. xo :)


Thursday, August 6, 2009

wanna hear this ?

I have some story for my BFF, i want to share saja hehe. Ada that guy, dangan me kraja. Msatu, our supervisor asked him to sent the costumer to room 4 but guess what ? I dont know eh apa pendangaranya, then he sent the costumer to the toilet ! Haha what the F kan ? Kinda stupid haha. Banar2 bangang waa ea tu, bawa ckp english nde merati, di bwa ckp melayu ANGLA JII sama jua bangang nya. Nde ku tau kan pakai bhasa apa lage. Huhu.

For HER.

Girl, you know who you are. You always think that you're right but actualy not. Im so tired being your BFF, indeed. I miss you ? Yeaa sometimes, but atu normal dah haha. And langsung ku nada tepikir kan MINTA MAAF and BEKAWAN sama you lage. For what huh ? Bebaik pun still jua bemasalah tu, better stop eh. Im not the one who gonna say SORRY but you are. Before you say sorry, better you say sorry to my daddy first ! Haha. Im done with it, and now seylaa is TATAP PENDIRIAN sudah haha taie. Yata lain x ' bepikir tu panjang2 ' :x


tired-ing !

hey readers, hehe. First of all, i want to ngusut kajap haha. Im so tired this lately. Busy with something, missing my girlfriends ;s huhu. Its been along time sudah nde hang-out with mia, ting, shee, chai and adeq. Really miss you guys huhu. I'll meet you guys soon, just wait for me nyeh hehe. And to be honest, i missing him. Hehe.


Monday, August 3, 2009

sheeeeeeeeee :)

GREAT monday .. (Y) and we were sitting on great paper as well by today. bagusbagus! hah. as usual, im stick still with this pharse, " im bore to death, hella! " :0 so that's why, i have a right mood to update and kept updating on this blog, :) talking about school routine this morning, nyaaaaman hati ku, pasal kami bersajuk the whole day atu! (Y) high class! HAHA. 5m di hall, 5g di library, bagus teacher tu eh. yang freshie pulang inda ber ekon. haha. still, i didn't proud to be as a repeatest, yet we're not FAILURE! :D *two thumbs up!* i didn't have seen Adek cintaaaa. i saw some familiar face went around away in the school area. breaktime! mestilaaaah! talooor eh. haha, guess whaaat? mira told me that she haven't revise on maths, matiiiii. haha. lateng jua. time breaak, ber cerita saja kami, termasuk aduk dengan cerita hot si lateng and achai. bisinggg waaa durang arah so-called as Doom ah :P haha.i didnt realized that adek cintaaaa messaged me that ia laapaaar and bawa makan arah kantin, sorry babe! Again, exam maths was fun, bpaluh ku tarus, plus batuk2. antaaah eh. kenapakah ia. sedakan tarus ku meliat laaaast question ah,
baah. petang ni, nada ku kan buat waa. aku mau tidor petang but but, antaah. kan meliat dvd ku pulang. aku chat with achai tadi, she told me, bp's cre cek in arah Jeruton karang, pasal drg kan buat shooting di sana, heela. lepak lah tu point ku. hehe. insyallah. :) no promises! aku okay ehh, esok nada exam, tapi kamu ada, irk ahh. xo.
10 days to go ... ada urang makin tua .. :) plan kan BBQ, mudahan tah jadi plannung atu, haha. seylaaaaaaaaa, contact me first! :P haha. mau2 tah jua. hehe. ohh last night after finishing my revision, aku liat dvd cerita labor pains, pasal pregnant! astaaaa. lain pulang ku liat ani, haha. well the movie went great, and exicted ku meliat drg shopping bali pakaian baby, wow! sweeT! eventually, thea has just pretend to be a pregnant woman, since she've got fired, but the manager tarik balik causes of pregnant, pasal undang2 nya di sana, if urg pregnant then berkraja kana bg allowance, and inda dapat kana buang kerja, she's smart jua, she used to publish another books stories about pregnant jua. haha. funny. her boyfriend pretend to be her fiance, tapi bf nya lului, childish.. and annoying much! LABOR PAINS, lihat saja cerita ani, lindsay LOHAN :)
OKKIES. i already changed my url, ds looove was my official blog. you're welcomed to visit my blog :) as long as you're interested. if you're not, NP for me! :) just wanna share some my simple dumple life. heehe.
bah that's all :)